Marketing Blast off Workshop
Discover new and clever ways to grow your business and attract more customers!
Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Newcastle, Perth, Canberra Canada & California.
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  • Are you tired of chasing customers and hoping for the next sale?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed trying to stay ahead of the latest innovations and trends in the business world?
  • Would you love your business to work without you so you can take time off?
  • Do you feel like your marketing is scattered because you are unsure about what to focus on?
  • Or is your marketing not working at all and your competitors are snapping up the business?

Over 10’000 business owners have attended this intensive half-day workshop around the world, attributing a big part of their growth to the strategies learnt in this session.

These sessions always book out! Secure your seat now, so you don’t miss out! Early-bird tickets are only $27.

At This Workshop You Will Discover…

Modern marketing strategies that have worked for thousands of small businesses. You will find out how to put together a clear and cohesive marketing road map to avoid the typical scattered and unorganized approach to growing a business.

The one key strategy that will change the way you market your business forever. This is a really important paradigm shift to ensure your marketing works in today’s world.

How to find the right customers for your business, the ones who become raving fans. Smart marketing is not about ramming your product or service down the throat of anyone you get hold of, it is about attracting more of your dream customers rather than chasing them.

How to stand out in a crowded market and get noticed by your customers before they decide to go elsewhere. In today’s economy there is a lot of competition and you must stand out and be different to be irresistible to your prospects.

The exact metrics to measure and focus on to grow your business, so you know what’s working and what’s not. Unfortunately a lot of business owners waste a lot of money and time on stuff that doesn’t work.

Map out your own online marketing funnel to attract new customers online and gain access to a bigger pool of customers. It’s easier than you think, a few tweaks can make a huge difference.

How to manage your social media in ten minutes a day and stop wasting time on stuff that doesn’t work.

How to automate your marketing to be better positioned for growth (and for you to have a better lifestyle!). You will not only implement modern marketing techniques, but also systemize and automate a big part of them so you can grow your business even when you are not working.

The latest marketing trends that will impact the way you promote your business. People’s buying behaviours have changed and you need to adapt your approach. There are great opportunities for those who are at the forefront, let’s make sure that’s you!

At this practical session, the founders of the world’s largest marketing education organisation will pull back the curtains on the most effective ways to attract more customers in today’s world.

This is not your ordinary workshop (come and see for yourself!).

Who Is This Workshop For?

This session is for the business owner (and his or her team) who…

  • has a great product or service.
  • is serious about growing their business through modern marketing.
  • is open to doing things differently to get better results.

Whether you’ve been in business for thirty years or one, this is for you if you are prepared to take action to get better results.

This Is What People Say about Blast-off…

We walked away feeling confident and ready to grow our business with different marketing ideas.

testimonial_2“Franziska and Christo are incredible presenters, engaging, fast moving and so inspiring. Thank you for a great seminar we walked away feeling confident and ready to grow our business with different marketing ideas.”
Stacey Randell - Director of EcoBag Media

It was the best 3.5 hours I’ve invested in in a long time!

“Aloha! I was at the Blast Off workshop yesterday and it was definitely the best 3.5 hours I’ve invested in in a long time. I learned so much in one morning and feel inspired to keep going forward in my business with a much better attitude towards marketing. If one thing stuck in my head from yesterday it is that everything I do in and around my business is marketing, even giving someone a business card! Thank you for making it fun, interesting and relevant. Thank you to the Basic Bananas Team for their part in making it an awesome day. Feeling inspired and revved up. A BIG CLAP for you guys ”
Trish Barbara

Every month we come away with new strategies and ideas

“Marketing has never been our strong point and these programs have been so healthy for us! Every month we come away with new strategies and ideas and we are by far having our biggest year yet. The knowledge is worth its weight in gold. I feel equipped, I feel empowered, our business is going gangbusters at the moment and we certainly have the Clever Bunch to thank for that!”
David, Your Choice

Putting some of this marketing together actually helped me to represent at a larger level

“The reason that I would recommend Basic Bananas to any small business person is that being small business people, we often work on our own, and we are in a little bubble and we are looking at all this stuff on internet and we are just not sure how it all goes together…Working with the Clever Bunch has really given me a great opportunity to push myself and one of the biggest things that came out of it was the fact that we landed a big company, so even though we are a small business, putting some of this marketing together actually helped me to represent at a larger level.”
Nathan Kelly

The answers I got from Basic Bananas, I couldn’t find anywhere even if I tried

“When you run a business, you are constantly learning but the answers I got from Basic Bananas, I couldn’t find anywhere even if I tried. I could spend the rest of my life googling and I wouldn’t find the answers. Coming across the Clever Bunch and doing Basic Bananas has been the best thing I could have done for my business.”
Jennifer Berry

I couldn’t recommend Basic Bananas enough!

“Basic Bananas tick all the boxes we need ticked. Every session has been beneficial. We haven’t walked away from any sessions without new ideas and we were up 25% after the first month!
Our facilitator is the best I’ve had in any course. The people make Basic Bananas; at the end of the day you’re working with the best, these guys know their stuff.
I couldn’t recommend Basic Bananas enough!”
Aaron Griffiths, KG Training and Assessing

Tickets are limited, please book your ticket now before it’s sold out.

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The Back Story…

Basic Bananas was founded in 2009 to support small business owners to not only have a greater understanding of marketing but also implementation to get results faster. It is all about simplifying the process and amplifying the lifestyle you aspire to live.

They have worked with thousands of business owners around the globe assisting them to speed up their business growth, make their brands popular and increase sales.

One of the Basic Bananas philosophies is to assist members of their programs to create a business that supports the lifestyle they would like to live instead of being a slave to their business.

Their integrity and efforts have won them awards and recognition across many publications and their expert advice is frequently sought out by the media.


We believe in over-delivering and getting crazy results for our community.
If for any reason you are not 100% blown away at the we will happily return your investment! The risk is all ours and we’ll work out butts off to make sure you’ll love it!