The one-page marketing plan

Why are we BANANAS about what we do?

It’s what we strive for:

At Basic Bananas our mission is to advance small business owners to see infinite
possibilities and positively impact the lives of those around them..


Franziska, winner of the prestigious award ‘Young Entrepreneur of the Year’, is a leading marketing strategist with an eagle eye for good marketing and a sixth sense for positioning and branding. She is a true visionary.

She brings the secrets and experience of the advertising and marketing industry to small business. No challenge is too big for her, she loves getting people to think bigger and aim higher.

Fun and Swiss quality (Franziska grew up in Switzerland) are a given when working with her. She has an amazing ability to forecast and execute strategies with precision results like a Swiss clock.

A sharp-witted humour and high levels of cheekiness that can bring anyone to tears (of laughter), the ability to speak five languages and a desire to have everything done yesterday ensures Basic Bananas is at the forefront of marketing worldwide.

Franziska is the co-author of ‘Bananas About Marketing – How to Attract a Whole Bunch of Clients’ and regular contributor to various business magazines.

Being a passionate social entrepreneur and philanthropist, Franziska loves contributing to different social causes.

Otherwise: She loves beach walks, surfing, bringing down the house with her saxophone, traveling, dancing, being creative. She comes up with new ideas all the time, if only there was more time to implement them all.

When it comes to nifty marketing tips and tricks that get new clients stampeding to your business, Christo is your man. He loves creating powerful strategies and has literally added millions to our clients bottom lines.

Christo has presented his expertise at business events in Australia and the USA. Including doing a TED Talk and presenting to a sold out audience at Vivid (Sydney’s largest event on innovative ideas).

He’s the techy guy at Basic Bananas and online marketing magician (who cannot pull a rabbit out of a hat but can magically make new clients appear at your door).

He loves to play with words (copywriting) and create words that convert. We’ve caught him out saying ‘I’m an artist, the alphabet is my pallet’. He is co-author of the book ‘Bananas About Marketing’.

Christo has an amazing ability to spot and leverage profitable business ideas.
He can switch from big picture planning to the tiniest of details in an instant.

He’s smiling and laughing all the time, nothing seems to upset him except for automated phone answering services. Take cover when he calls the phone company.

Christo was a full time professional surfer until 2004 and after overdosing on endless summers for seven years and too much fun travelling the world he decided to join the real world (kind of). He spent five years as co-owner and managing director of Softboards Australia supplying 80% of all Australian surf schools with their surfboards plus New Zealand, parts of Asia and Europe. During this time he brought a variety of international surf products to the market in Australia.

He says he never went a day without surfing.

Otherwise: He loves traveling and surfing with friends or playing guitar (and making music, that’s what they call it) in his rock band.

Patrick welcomes new members to the Basic Bananas community and makes a killer ‘Love Cake’(we’re still not sure of it’s ingredients, but it is delicious).

He has a passion for all things Spain and brings a flamenco dancing flare to the Basic Bananas team.

Most people who interact with BB will speak to Patrick, he loves to explore people’s challenges and champion them to success (the guy loves a productive chat).

With a background in sales and marketing at wealth creation organisations; offering business and personal development programs he’s got an edge for getting people to think bigger.

He says he just loves to be around cool people and connect with them on an exciting journey.

Patrick’s obsession with Spain fills his spare time with flamenco guitar lessons and language lessons.

Otherwise: Pat loves surfing, skating, being at the beach or in nature and going to live gigs.

Aga is in charge of all things marketing and team happiness at Basic Bananas.

With the accuracy of an Olympian, she’s continuously innovating our marketing strategies to add value to our brands.

Aga loves copywriting, exploring Ontraport’s functionalities (pushing marketing automation as far as it can go), as well as building beautiful websites for our amazing clients.
She’s has a very efficient German manner and is addicted to the little “ding’ sound her Wunderlist makes when she ticks an item off her to-do list.

Nothing gets Aga more excited than a happy team and that’s why she plans team retreats at the beach, goes off to buy surprise presents and makes sure everyone gets to meditate for 10 minutes every day. We call her BBs Mama.

Otherwise: Aga is an Xtend Barre addict and loves the beach!
On the weekends she likes to go chasing waves with her husband up and down the coast and to relax with a great book by the campfire.


Julia leads the creative department and guides projects across design, brand and digital.
She has over 10 years experience working with some of the biggest brands on planet earth and has found her calling in helping small businesses to establish a strong brand identity, get the recognition they deserve and strive for.

When Julia is on the job you know that mediocrity is out the door. She holds the team to the highest of world-class standard and always strives for the absolute best for clients.

Her passion for branding and design is infectious.
The design space is definitely her playground.

Otherwise: She loves meditating at crazy hours of the morning, surfing, cooking, writing and laughing all day.
She’s known for randomly busting out the monkey dance (if you’re lucky enough to witness the monkey dance, you’ll know what we’re talking about).

The Basic Banana’s artist. With inspiring graphic design skills, she is able to create stunning logos, websites, flyers, business cards, letterheads, and anything else our team and clients can think of.

Sometimes referred to as the Photoshop Picasso, she always has a thousand ideas and comes up with creative solutions to any design related problem in a jiffy.

Otherwise: She likes to travel, but prefers going on a long road trip than getting on a plane, partly because road trips are more fun and partly because she’s a little aerophobic! She likes photography and spending time with her family and cats. She has a big family to which she’s very attached (she says “it’s my Asian genetics that make me very family oriented!”)

Behind the scenes at Basic Bananas is someone techier than a calculator watch.

Zeca is a numbers magician who loves to calculate in his spare time. Numbers and figuring out techy challenges get him excited by day and astronomy by night.

He picks up the nitty gritty details, which your average human would simply overlook.

A very handy man and someone you need on your team!

He says “the stars give me inspiration” (and he’s not a hippy).

Otherwise: Zeca loves spending time with his son, playing with his dogs, busting out tunes on his guitar and working in his small organic garden.

Some people have said he’s a great cook, but he’s yet to cook for the team to prove it!

Kristine uses her super-powered artistic ability to transform words and feelings into logos, websites, flyers, brochures and other designs that represent our clients, helping them build trusted brands.

Thinking creatively to produce new ideas and concepts that get messages across with high visual impact is how she plays every day.

Otherwise: Kristine loves the beach, nature, hiking, travelling and playing computer games (she is a bit of a nerd, in a good way).

She also loves painting, give her a paintbrush and she’s a happy girl!


She’s flexible (literally) and loves to make people happy by giving them excellent service.
She’s passionate about having fun, yet serious about helping business grow and develop.

Many moons ago she worked in corporate Telecoms Sales and Account Management.
More recently with a dramatic change of direction she ran her own yoga studio and nutrition business.
Fiona’s experience allows her to understand the demands on a small business with the ability to apply big business thinking.

Otherwise: She loves to laugh and run long distances, (but not necessarily at the same time), practice yoga and walk her dog, her goal this year is to learn how to ride a motor bike.
She’s an Irish Yogi Banana with vitality and heaps of attitude!

An award-winning entrepreneur, Erik has run numerous small businesses in the trades, tourism, and online. With experience both ‘on-the-tools’ and as a digital CEO, Erik brings a unique understanding to the full spectrum of small business owners struggles.

He loves a creative challenge and is always searching for the next project that will push his problem solving abilities.

Growing up and working on a wilderness resort in Canada allowed Erik to understand the meaning of both hard work and determination.

It was these lessons that led to Erik putting himself through university as a logger, a miner and a mountain guide before starting his own trades company.

Now Erik loves sharing his experience with fellow entrepreneurs and seeing lightbulbs come on when there’s an idea party that sparks action.

When he’s not working at one of his companies there’s a good chance you’ll find Erik with a huge smile on his face at the top of a mountain somewhere.

Otherwise: He loves experiencing new cultures around the globe, climbing cliff faces, and spending time with his beloved motorcycle.

Sue Izzo was born to help people achieve their dreams. In 1999 Sue founded Mosaic Sports Management, a boutique management agency with a focus on action sports athletes. From procuring and negotiating endorsement deals, to PR, marketing, brand building, entertainment projects, Sue has done it all.

Representing Winter Olympians, ESPY winners, World Champion Surfers and Television Hosts, Sue made a name for herself as not only a top sports agent but the only female to own her own agency and dominate in a male driven cut-throat profession. In 2015, Sue sold her business to Octagon, a global sports management company.

Originally hailing from the East coast in the United States, Sue has called the West coast home for over 15 years where resides her two dogs Inca and Pisco.

Don’t ask her to pack the back of your car with luggage because she is terrible at spatial relation but she can cook up a mean Italian meal for you.

The entrepreneurial spirit runs deep in Sue’s blood, as she assisted her athletes in building their own respective small businesses. From music festivals, headphone companies, sporting events, to entertainment companies, Sue knows the in’s and out’s and up’s and down’s of what it takes to build a successful brand.

Haidee is a real life saver and awesome client happiness super heroine. She is responsible for our very lively BB inbox and doing an amazing job multi-tasking daily enquiries and making sure our customer’s are well looked after at all times.

When Haidee is not busy tackling her inbox, she is on board with all things Clever Bunch and Blast Off, ensuring that every session runs smoothly. She also offers a helping hand to any team members who needs immediate rescue from the renown villain DD (Dangerous Deadline).

Otherwise: Just like a real super heroine, Haidee has multiple personalities. Besides being our BB Supergirl, she is also a single mum of two beautiful children, who she loves to spend quality time with either outdoors or playing computer games. She thrives to be a good example and wants to show her kids that they don’t need to have super powers to be a motivated, inspiring and passionate person! Haidee also loves reading and her secret power is a mouthwatering carbornara which we are yet to taste.


Steff is a customer support ninja. She has a black-belt in awesomeness, ensuring our clients are happy is her passion! She responds to any enquiry thrown at her in record time, and no question will be left unanswered when Steff hits reply.
For really challenging enquiries, she may consult one of her furry babies, a Japanese Spitz and Shih Tzu to help her out. They haven’t let her down yet!

Steff is also a passionate cook, singer, and dancer. She gets most excited doing all three at the same time.
She also loves coffee, ice cream and cakes! Her day would not be complete without a coffee (… ice cream and cake on the side).

Philip’s motto “Coding is my cardio,” says it all, he’s obsessed with web projects and he pays meticulous attention to every line of code he produces.
Philip won’t sleep until every snippet of code is in its right place.

Being a big believer in continuous education, Philip loves learning technologies’ latest trends. He’s always up to date with best practices and will continuously wow you with stunning new web functionality.

Philip is an early bird who starts his day with his favourite music and a cup of tea.

Otherwise: When Phil is not doing another productive “cardio” session at his coding workstation, he loves to train in the gym and read books. Like a true ninja, he practices meditation and is addicted to travelling and self-development.

Marina chooses drawing over talking, she loves to let her imagination run wild. She is a true artist and will elevate any brand.

Marina uses her imagination and playfulness to design stunning logos, websites and other branding pieces. She loves surreal things and believes in miracles.

Marina loves the sea, fishing, nature and quite places. Being such a visual person, she judges books by their cover and loves the sound of printing machines, “it’s when the artwork comes to life” she says.

Kyra is our creative content and social media legend.
She finds deep inspiration in stories and creating emotional story angles, which set your imagination on fire.
This girl is an endless seeker of knowledge both in books and all things digital.

With every piece of content she creates, her goal is to spark curiosity, insight and put a smile on your face.

She will never be found without her laptop, a passport and a yoga mat in tow.

Otherwise: When she isn’t connected to Wifi you can always find her hiking up a mountain or gravitating towards any body of water. She loves teaching yoga, traveling, painting, getting involved in humanitarian work and geeking out on all things wellbeing.


With one hand on a camera and the other in the editing suite, Stephi is the film rockstar at Basic Bananas. From BBtv tips to members’ resource videos, she’s the chick behind all the filming and editing of creative content on various social media channels.

When she’s not squinting into a camera, you can find her hitting up local music gigs and tearing up the dance floor. She may be the youngest BB team member but definitely one of the tallest. If you ever need a hand getting something from hard to reach places, give her a shout!

Kevin Bees creates such a fresh buzz, and he’s sooo sweet … Plus, of course, we’re impartial to his penchant for the cheesiest of dad jokes.

While working with our members he ensures the lessons stick better than a ‘3M’ hook. Kevin’s expertise is very much down to the 3M’s that every small business owner needs to master for success: Money, Marketing, Mindset.

Despite his youthful looks he’s held senior financial executive roles with two of Australia’s most iconic brands: Hills Hoist, and Qantas Business Travel.
He has a proven track record in turning around profitability, cash-flow and net worth of businesses.  He’s our Money Man!

Tony Robbins himself relies on Kevin to coach his Master Level Clients – so be prepared to understand how to more effectively influence your prospects, team, and maybe even your kids.

His travels from the U.K. have brought him many an adventure, be sure to ask him about:
– being in prison in Bolivia;
– the time he had to emergency evacuate an airplane at 4,000 FT;
– or about the time he was late to work because he lost the baby wallaby he was living with.

He does his part to live up to the English stereotype, by drinking copious amounts of tea (so much that he now has his own tea range).
Beyond that he can be found running marathons or rock climbing.

Shandra means ‘light in the night sky’ and she’s definitely a shining star when it comes to leading our members greatness!

She is passionate about supporting business owners to do more of what they love and to bring out their best every day – so be prepared for some tough love to help you create the results you’re looking for.

As an internationally accredited coach she has run her own coaching and consulting business, co-authored a bestselling book and worked with executives, creatives and entrepreneurs across the globe assisting them to step up, improve their business strategies and mindset. In the past Shandra has also excelled as a Talent Producer on a TV comedy series and the Head of People and Operations at a learning and development company so you’re getting an explosive bundle full of knowledge!

Kaila is our Admin & Customer Happiness Rockstar and if you’ve ever seen her gigantic smile you’ll know why!
She’s the best when it comes to taking care of our lovely customers, sending surprise gifts, organising our workshops and showering the team in chocolate every day (oh yeah!)!

Nothing is ever too much to ask. Kaila throws herself at every task with the energy of Wonder Woman, Batgirl and Sailor Moon combined.
She’s also the hostess with the mostest at our Clever Bunch workshops in Sydney and is known for making awesome snacks to keep everyone energised.

When she isn’t her usual happy self at the office, Kaila can be found cheering for her favourite WWE wrestling stars, going to concerts and eating vegan treats!


Ivy is one of our three customer happiness musketeers and she’s an absolute delight to talk to!
As the queen of politeness she’ll take care of any enquiry in a flash and will send a reply with a double portion of friendliness.
She’s also a real WordPress ninja and shares her knowledge in super useful how to videos at The Business Hood.

Ivy loves to travel. She has a bucket list of places to visit before she finds her prince charming and settles down, perhaps even at her dream destination Santorini, Greece.

Ivy’s beautiful voice can also be heard at her local church where she sings in the choir.

Martina is the best 2 for 1 deal you’ll ever know, she’s three quarter Italian (so much passion) and one quarter German (hello efficiency). She’s an artistic brand creator at The Business Hood and chief photographer at Basic Bananas. How lucky are we?

She graduated at the European Institute of Design in Rome and has since developed a serious passion for minimal and sleek design.
No matter what the design brief, she’ll bring to life a stunning brand that will blow your mind and have you wanting it tattooed across your chest (maybe).

Martina’s amazing photography journey can be followed on her Instagram, but let us warn you these pics will make you want to travel!
This Italian fashionista also cooks a mean linguine con i gamberi.

Hanna is in charge of media at Basic Bananas, ensuring the magic of our awesome tribe is shared around the globe. Being a true social media ninja she also makes sure our social channels always have the latest and greatest from our headquarters (stay tuned for those Friday Espresso Martini Boomerangs!)

Hanna is passionate about supporting our members throughout their Clever Bunch journey and will happily offer a helping hand with anything you might need.

She also likes to surprise the team with her homemade bliss balls or raw vegan cakes, which are generally gone within the blink of an eye. She’s super passionate about the environment and often finds new ways to make our headquarters more sustainable.

Otherwise: Hanna loves photography, snowboarding and the beach, but her heart belongs to the mountains back in Germany, where she’s from originally. Her favourite animals are alpacas and it’s her dream to one day live surrounded by them on a farm in New Zealand. She’s an adventurer having slept in an igloo on top of a mountain, gone white water rafting, scuba diving and skydiving (twice). In her free time she loves to go travelling the world and documenting her experiences on her blog and Instagram page.

What we believe in…


Focus on stuff
that matters


Learn something new
every day


Celebrate your achievements,
no matter how small or big


A generous mind is
a sexy mind


Live vivaciously


Make a difference and create a ripple effect of brilliance everywhere you go


Fun is fun! Add a little bit of fun into everything you do


Encourage creativity, genius and innovation


Make friends, the future of business lies in collaborating