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Business Tip: Less Slack using #slack

While traveling abroad in Greece, Franziska and Christo stopped to share a business tool that has major impact for communicating with team members! The free app Slack is a great way to step away from email streams and build channels depending on the task!

Minimize emails & Clean up your inbox
Create channels
Search past history

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Franziska: Hi, and welcome back to Basic Bananas TV.

Christo: Hey, hey. Welcome back.

Franziska: Now, we’ve been traveling throughout Europe a little bit for the last few weeks, and one of the tools-, here, actually, we are in Greece, in the beautiful little town of Chora on Mykonos Island, and-

Christo: It looks very Greece in this place.

Franziska: Yeah, it is very Greece, and we’ve been eating a lot of tzatzikis-

Christo: [crosstalk 00:30]

Franziska: … and moussakas, and all sorts of things.

One of the tools that we thought we’d share with you while we’re here that has had a huge impact on our businesses and how we communicate with our team is a tool called Slack. It’s a tool to communicate with your team members, whether they are in your offices or you have a virtual team. Slack is a really good way to minimize emails, to make sure your inbox is not always constantly full, and to make sure that you streamline your communications, so that’s the tool that we want to share.

Christo: Yes. It’s basically a really cool communication tool. It’s something where you can create channels for conversations, so, for example, rather than having email trails where you might have been talking about a project with certain team members or someone, and you have all different email streams going all over the place, and it’s hard to find files, or it’s hard to find a history of the emails, you can have channels for specific jobs. You have certain team members, or people that you want in a certain channel, then they only have access to that channel. Not everybody else has to be distracted by it, and you can upload files; you can upload things there. It’s a really easy way to communicate.

I have had people say to me, “But why don’t you just use something like a channel on Facebook chat, or like Skype, or something like that?” You’ll see why once you get onto it. It’s like a platform which is purely designed for this communication among teams, and it’s free. Get on it. It’s an amazing tool. You can search history and things. It’s really good functionality.

Franziska: For a quick example for a channel, one of our channels that we just set up a few weeks ago is for our book launch. We have a book launch coming up, and so we’ll be putting this, rather than sending emails to five different team members that are working on the launch with us, we now have a channel where the five team members are all part of it, and they can communicate with each other. We know what’s going on. We can be across it, and it’s-, really has minimized our emails quite a lot.

Christo: Yeah. It has improved-, we’re less slack using Slack. It’s Slack, as in Slack, S-L-A-C-K.

Franziska: We’ll put the link below, too. Let’s go and drink some more smoothies. Maybe a bit of ouzo later on.

Christo: We’re going to go-, a bit of ouzo. These little party streets. This place is pretty awesome, and we’ve been having a lot of fun, and the fun will continue.

Franziska: We’ll come back to you [inaudible 00:02:40]. Bye for now!

Christo: Bye for now!