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Boost Your Bottom Line

Start the New Year strong with this BBTV hot tip! Cofounder Franziska Iseli shares why getting ahead with holiday campaigns will help boost your sales now and into the new year! (0:39) Add incentives (0:52) Goodies (1:26) Hustle now Want to learn more awesome tips? Tune into our podcast on iTunes Pick of the Bunch or Read more

Are you a pro or amateur?

Where in your business are you being a pro and where are you being an amateur? In this episode of BBTV, founder Franziska Iseli shares the difference between the two and why it matters to have a pro-like mindset!   (1:00) Pro (1:15) Refine your skills (1:16) Amateur   (1:38) Practice

How to Manage Your Energy

In this episode of BBTV, founder Franziska Iseli shares a productivity hack on time management and why you should structure your day according to your energy level! (0:40) Morning vs. Night person (2:00) Adjust accordingly (2:40) How do you work best?

Prioritizing Tasks for Business Growth

In this episode of BBTV, Christo shares a business growth tip all the way from Joshua Tree, California! Prioritizing what to do in your business can seem overwhelming at times but Christo shares the steps to categorizing tasks and putting them to action! (0:35) Get clear on tasks (1:35) Categorize (2:30) Revenue growth activities

How to Optimize Google Listing

Is your business listed with Google? In this episode of BBTV, Christo explains how you can optimize your business by being found on Google by more potential customers. (0:30) Google Maps (1:30) Google my business (1:45) Add your details

How to Market Yourself Effectively

In this episode of BBTV, cofounder Christo Hall answers the common question we receive, “What do I say in my marketing?” Christo shares two brilliant ways that you can market yourself without having to talk about yourself!   (0:35) Get people talking (0:40) Show them! (1:14) Save the praise (1:55) Demonstrate