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5 Tips to Rock Your Next Public Speaking Gig!

Feeling anxious before a public speaking gig is common but there are ways to combat these nerves for good! In this episode of BBTV, Franziska shares her top 5 tips to keeping calm and collected the next time you speak in front of an audience. (0:37) Understand the audience (1:30) Bring hardware (1:55) Arrive early Read more

4 Steps to Use Marketing Like a Science!

Just like science, marketing too can be tracked and measured! In this episode of BBTV, Franziska shares 4 steps to testing out different strategies to discover proof of what works for your business and what needs to go! (1:04) Try a strategy (1:12) Ask your customers (1:35) Optimize or ditch (1:50) Start again

How to Stay Motivated In Business!

In this episode of BBTV, cofounder Christo Hall discusses a shared feeling of lack of motivation some business owners might feel overtime. You will learn how to avoid those feelings of boredom and how you can better your business for the world! (1:15) Upskill (1:25) Learn something new (2:00) Keep growing

Are you in the right business?

In this episode of BBTV, cofounder Franziska Iseli shares the questions you need to ask yourself if you are feeling flat in your personal business. You’ll walk away from this video tip with a sense of relief and inspiration to take on something new! 0:57 Passion 1:15 Pleasure 1:17 Know your options