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How to Create a Kick-Ass Brand!

How will your brand stand out from your competitors? In this episode of BBTV, cofounder Franziska Iseli shares the best thing you can do to create a kick-ass brand that is consistent, engaging and iconic! (0:52) Pick a theme (2:05) Naming products (3:38) Make it iconic (4:13) Visuals, copy & naming

4 Smart Ways to Increase Your Credibility

In this episode of BBTV, Fraziska Iseli shares the four smart ways you can gain more credibility in your industry. By gaining more exposure you will be creating more ways to make a lasting positive impact and spreading ripple effects out into the world! (0:30) Testimonial vs. case study (0:55) Publicity (1:20) Collaborators (1:45) Insights

Seasons to Our Motivation

Just as the seasons fluctuate, so does our motivation! In this episode of BBTV, Christo Hall shares why having our motivation peaking at the right time can lead us to ultimate productivity with zero burnout. (0:40) Realize different times (1:15) Specific time of day (2:00) Withdrawal to recharge (2:10) In time & out time

The Little *%/# Inside Our Heads

Basic Bananas co-founder Christo Hall has a lot to teach us about the similarities between business and surfing! In this episode of BBTV, Christo shares the commonality between everyday challenges and the voice of fear we all share. (1:00) Amplification (1:25) Little voice in our head (2:05) We all have it! (2:47) What’s the worst Read more