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How to prioritize time for business growth!

In this episode of BBTV, co-founder Christo Hall shares how you can find the time to dedicate growth towards your business! You will learn why this time is important as well as why some business owners remain stuck rather than see continual growth.   0:18 Look at the WHY 0:40 Reactive vs. Proactive 0:50 Growth Read more

Podcasts you need to plug into!

In this episode of BBTV, cofounder Franziska Iseli shares her favorite podcasts that are inspiring and impactful both in business and in our personal lives! Podcasts that were mentioned in this episode: Pick of the Bunch  The James Altucher Show  The Tim Ferris Show 10XTalk Waking up 

Let’s Talk Signage!

Signage is a very underutilized tool that businesses can use to catch people’s eye. In this episode of BBTV, cofounder Franziska Iseli shares how you can use signage to leverage your location and make your business memorable! 1:05 A-frames 1:14 Reflective of your brand 1:18 Make it well designed 1:33 Call to action 1:55 Reflects Read more

Why You Should Upgrade Your Technology

Is your old technology holding you back?  In this episode of BBTV, co-founder Christo Hall discusses how outdated technology could be the case for missed opportunities in your business! 0:33 Missed opportunities 1:00 Improve communication 2:00 Feeling slowed down 2:28 Precious time

Investing in Ourselves

Investing in yourself is one of the most profitable investments you will ever make! Learn how you can positively grow both professionally and personally in this episode of BBTV. 1:00 Growth 1:45 Learn in different ways 1:54 Spend a half hour everyday learning 2:05 Smartify your team 2:37 How can you learn more?

Two Golden Rules to Grow Your Business!

What are the key factors that help a business go from a startup to generating more than one million dollars in turnover? In this episode of BBTV, co-founder Franziska Iseli shares two golden rules she discovered that all of these businesses implement for growth!   (0:12) Study conducted by Gazelles International (1:05) Strategy (1:29) Execution Read more

3 (More) Must-read A-peeling Books

What would Basic Bananas read? In this episode of BBTV, co-founder Franziska Iseli shares three impactful books every business owner should read! The books mentioned in this episode include: Scaling up by Verne Harnish Business Stripped Bare by Richard Branson  The Blue Sweater by Jacqueline Novogratz