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Discover new and clever ways to grow your business and attract clients!


This workshop is run across Australian, New Zealand, Canadian and US cities.
Limited seats available in each city.

In this short, jam-packed workshop we will pull back the curtains on the most effective ways to attract more clients.The fastest way to grow your business is to use clever marketing! And the good news is that it’s not really rocket science, but there are a few key elements you must know about marketing a business.

You must understand the latest strategies and tactics to ensure continual growth. Marketing is like oxygen for your business, so let’s turn it on!

Marketing Blast-Off is a popular 3.5-hour intensive workshop where you will discover the steps to make your business stand out from the crowd, attract new clients and add more money to the bottom line. This is not your ordinary workshop (come and see for yourself!).

Basic Bananas are well known internationally for thinking out of the box and not playing by the rules of convention and they won’t hold back!


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Investment: Usually $97 only $27
Book Now. Limited Seats Available.
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At Blast-Off you will discover five key areas for business growth…

Unfortunately many businesses continue to waste a lot of time and money on their marketing, simply because they have neglected to set up these foundations. No matter how long or short you’ve been in business, these are crucial elements that will pull your marketing efforts together.
You will find out how to put together a clear and cohesive marketing roadmap to avoid the typical scattered and unorganized approach to marketing.
Key marketing principles that are often overlooked.


Smart marketing is not about ramming your product or service down the throat of anyone you get hold of. It’s about finding the right people, the ones that will become raving fans.You will discover the psychology of your buyers and how you can tap into their emotions.

You will also walk away with techniques to reach your market more effectively, so that your promotions have a bigger impact and increased response rates.

The psychology of your market.


In today’s economy you must stand out and be different to be attractive and irresistible to your prospects. You cannot leave this to chance. At Blast-Off

you will walk away knowing what makes your business unique and how you

can bring that uniqueness to the market.

Standing out in a crowded market.


No one likes the ups and downs in business! They are annoying and can be scary! Instead you will find out how to create a marketing machine that brings in clients every day.We show you how to combine offline and online marketing strategies to create a winning formula to boost your growth.

Discover three of the most effective marketing strategies to guarantee you are the first choice for your prospects.

Smart marketing strategies to generate a constant flow of clients.


Staying ahead of the game (and your competition) in today’s crowded market is so crucial. As a business owner you must know what’s hot and what’s not.You will discover the latest marketing trends that will impact the way you promote your business. People’s buying behavior has changed and you need to adapt your approach. There are great opportunities for those who are at the forefront, let’s make sure that’s you!

The latest marketing trends.

Basic Bananas is on a mission to ..

make marketing more simple and fun (yes, fun!) and help you build an effective marketing machine that will generate a constant flow of new clients. Why complicate it when it can be quite simple?
We have taken the top marketing growth tips from thousands of hours of working with thousands of successful business owners and squeezed them into this workshop. You will walk away with powerful strategies to apply immediately.

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This is what people say about Blast-Off…

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WHO is behind Basic Bananas:

Franziska and Christo Iseli-Hall founded Basic Bananas to assist small business owners to grow their business through smart marketing.
They are clever entrepreneurs, popular speakers, crazy adventurers, mad surfers and published authors.
They have assisted thousands of business owners to create a marketing machine and design their ideal lifestyle.
They are famous for their out of the box and creative thinking.
Known in Australia as some of the top marketers and entrepreneurs, they are regularly featured in the media for their unique approach.

Who is this workshop for?

Marketing Blast-Off is a 3.5-hour intensive session for small business owners who are ready to take their business to the next level.
No matter what field you are in, these marketing principles apply. Basic Bananas has worked with people from all industries including accountants, electricians, chiropractors, coaches, designers, dentists, consultants, financial planners, tradesmen, shop owners, restaurant owners, book-keepers, lawyers, photographers, florists, stylists, hair dressers, natural therapists, doctors and marketers who have successfully implemented the strategies with amazing results.
Whether you’ve been in business for thirty years or one, this is for you.

For business owners who are serious about growing their business.

Marketing is a skill that every business owner needs to ensure growth. Unfortunately many business owners don’t focus on marketing and end up missing out on the opportunity to shine and make a difference. Let’s make sure you are getting the results you absolutely deserve.

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Spend a fun and mind-blowing morning with the Basic Bananas Team


Walk away with powerful tips to implement

that will make an immediate difference to your business

You will walk away with lots of new ideas, as we believe in giving a ton of value and getting results. If for any reason you are not 100% blown away, we will happily return your investment! The risk is all ours and we’ll work our butts off to make sure you’ll love it!

When and Where

Investment: Usually $97 only $27
Book Now. Limited Seats Available.
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We believe in over-delivering and getting crazy results for our attendees. If for any reason you are not 100% blown away, we will happily return your investment!
The risk is all ours and we’ll work our butts off to make sure you’ll love it!