Making an Impact Through Entrepreneurship

Become a Ripple Effector – Making an Impact
Through Entrepreneurship

One of the best ways to make an impact in the world is through entrepreneurship, in fact, we strongly believe that the future of philanthropy lies in entrepreneurship and vice-versa.
We’ve even made one of our core values Impact – make a difference and create a ripple effect of awesomeness everywhere you go.

Many of our members are ripple effectors too and are always looking for ways to increase their impact in the world, so we thought we’ll share an amazing project with you as it can be quite daunting to find the right impact initiative.

Please meet Sustainable Coffee Bay, an NGO working in education for underprivileged children in South Africa.

How did we find Sustainable Coffee Bay?

Many moons ago, our co-founder Franziska Iseli was travelling through South Africa with a bunch of girlfriends when she stayed in the Transkei, an incredibly beautiful and very underdeveloped area of South Africa. She fell in love with not only the untamed nature and wild beaches, but also the humility of the people.

Staying at a local backpackers, she met a humble soul Dawn who had big dreams to build a school to enable underprivileged children to get an education. And she made it happen! Franziska was taken aback by Dawns dedication to this cause and has been a supporter of the school ever since with Basic Bananas having been able to sponsor many children over the past decade.

About Sustainable Coffee Bay NPO

Sustainable Coffee Bay was founded to support the surrounding villages of Coffee Bay which have been identified as some of the poorest areas in the country. During apartheid, this area has been heavily neglected and still suffers from having an extremely low socio-economic status. This means poor infrastructure, a lack of educational and employment opportunities and many other economic and environmental difficulties naturally associated with financial poverty.

The first projects to support the Coffee Bay Community were called into life informally by the amazing staff of the Coffee Shack Backpackers and funded by its guests in 2002. As the projects grew in number and size, Sustainable Coffee Bay was formed officially to manage the community projects and raise the necessary funds.

Sustainable Coffee Bay is on a mission to increase access and quality of education, skills and employment by working with the Coffee Bay Community on projects that create higher expectations and improve lives, inspiring others by being role models of excellence.

How can you get involved?

There are two ways you can support the education projects:

The St Johns College Scholarship Fund

1 year of school fees
1 year of boarding fee

Ikhaya Labantwana Montessori Early
Learning Centre

1 year of pre school and nutrition support

Ready to create more ripple effects?

Please email Katie at to sponsor a child.

For more information please visit

Together we can make an even bigger impact! Here is to making a ripple effect everywhere we go! You rock!
The Basic Bananas Team

PS: Here are a few letters from some of our students to get even more inspired!

Contact us

If you’d like to support one of the Coffee Bay education projects please fill out the form below and the awesome projects manager Katie will be in touch with you as soon as possible. Together we can make an even bigger impact! Here is to making a ripple effect everywhere we go! You rock!

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