FAQ about The Clever Bunch

FAQ about The Clever Bunch

The Clever Bunch is a program that teaches proven marketing strategies that have helped thousands of business owners to scale up their businesses. It’s a step-by-step twelve months program helping you implement impactful marketing campaigns to attract more customers and get your brand in front or more people. Excellent marketing is about engaging, exciting and attracting customers, not about being boring, sleazy or annoying.
Everything taught throughout the Clever Bunch has been proven to get exponential results. The program has been put together by award-winning, highly successful entrepreneurs.
We walk you through exactly how to do your marketing in a structured step-by-step approach. Each month builds on the next as you progress through the program applying the principles to your own business.
You will see the ripple effects of the strategies applied with the goal of more customers, increased brand awareness and more cash in the bank.

It is NOT a program that promises you to make millions in your underpants overnight sitting in your pijama all day. You might find something like that online taught by someone who has never run a real business.

If you are already selling a product or service, the purpose of this program is to assist you to reach more customers and generate more sales.
If you don’t have a business and don’t know how you want to add value just yet, then this is not the best program for you.
If you are selling something unethical that doesn’t add value in the world, then it is also not the right program for you.

Assuming you are a great human who is open to new ideas and willing to make changes to get better results, this program will add massive value not only to your business but also your life.

Want to hear from some Clever Bunch members? Here are some inspirational business success stories of business owners who have had huge growth thanks to implementing the strategies learnt in the program (insert link).

Many have doubled or even tripled their profits, others have created significant new and recurring sources of revenue, many have regained their spark and re-ignited their business mojo.

You got all the great questions! Did you know that bananas make you happy?

Here is the secret though, our co-founder Franziska Iseli doesn’t really like bananas (except for blended in smoothies), but Christo grew up on banana sandwiches and it’s still one if his favourite staple foods.

1. You have something to sell
2. Your product or service is providing value to your customers
3. You believe in your business and know it can do better

… then the principles and marketing strategies taught in The Clever Bunch will work for you.

You will be shown how to tailor the campaigns to suit your specific target market

Huge congratulations for such a successful long business journey! Over the last twenty years so much has changed! The technologies and strategies we have available for business owners in today’s world are amazing!

If you have been in business for a long time, then it is super important to update and review your marketing, so it doesn’t become stale.
Many things, which worked in the past, are not as effective for driving sales nowadays.

We love working with more established businesses as they often experience even more accelerated results, because they are not starting from scratch, they already have a presence in their industry. So a few new clever marketing campaigns can create massive results and drive an increase in sales immediately.

A lot of the technology and tools available to business owners nowadays are constantly changing and it’s important to be up to date for maximum productivity and leverage.

Marketing is like the oxygen of your business and needs to be worked on continuously to avoid the ups and downs that bring a lot of headaches and uncertainty.

If you don’t have an idea for a product or service yet, then it’s a little bit too early for you to join to get the most out of the program.

If you already have a product or service idea, then the Clever Bunch will help you set things up right from the beginning to get your products or services out the world sooner and without wasting time and money on stuff that doesn’t work.

The start-up phase is the most difficult and most important one to get right. The amount of businesses that fail within the first three years is unfortunately very high.

It is understandable that you are reluctant to invest money at the start of the business journey, however it is very likely you will lose more money by not knowing what to focus on or by using the wrong strategies and systems.

We strongly believe given the right support, guidance and starting off doing the right things from the start, your business will result in a solid, sustainable and profitable business sooner (that is, if you have a great product or service).

To get benefit from the Clever Bunch you do need to have something to apply it to. So if you don’t have an idea for your business yet, then it’s best to wait until you do because we want you to get the most out of this program.

If you already have a product or service, you are welcome to join and you can even test your business with your fellow Clever Bunch members to get valuable market feedback. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll know whether to continue with your original plan, modify it, or change it to something even better. You will then have the right structure and ways to bring your products and service to the world in ways that are proven to work.

Plus you also get access to our branding agency The Business Hood at members’ rates, if you want help with the creation of your brand development from brand strategy to logo design to website build and anything in-between.

There two levels of the program to suit your needs. One is a one-off payment where you save on your annual fee and the second option is a payment plan spread out across 10 months to help with cash flow.

Upfront option $14’900
Easy option 10 x $1’690

We also have a premium level which includes a complete branding package including logo design, a style guide to ensure consistency, a brand new website with all the functional marketing elements necessary to generate sales and six months of social media management to generate leads.

Yes absolutely, since this is a business support program it counts as a business expense.

Yes absolutely! In fact, many of our members are very busy business owners, so this is not unusual. Especially as they start to put better systems in place, they suddenly realise that they can take holidays without the business falling apart!

We typically factor in business owners having to miss one or two live sessions and are happy to arrange an alternative date for you.
However if your travel means you will miss most of the live workshops, it would be good to let us know, because The Clever Bunch might not be the best solution for you as the live sessions are extremely valuable.

At the workshops you will work on your business and gain direct feedback from experienced marketing experts, so you want to be in the room!

This depends entirely on the type of business you are in, how well you are already positioned in the market and how motivated you are to implement the strategies.
You will be learning the most effective ways to attract more clients and make more sales. The key to the expectation of results is your willingness to learn and implement what you learn. It’s not uncommon for small business owners who do the work to double or triple their revenues in less than a year.

Sometimes the smallest tweaks in your marketing approach can bring in the biggest results! Having said that if you can devote around three to four hours per week at the start of Clever Bunch to gain traction, that would be great.

If you can dedicate more, even better. If you have team members, some of these hours can also be done by one of your team members or outsourced to someone else.

The most important thing is that you as the business owner understand strategy, so you can be across all your marketing activities, so you know what is working and what’s not.

We keep the Clever Bunch face-to-face sessions to a maximum of 15 business owners so you still get individual support and are not lost in a sea of people.

The Clever Bunch is a sequential program which means that we have an agenda for you, which you will work through to ensure all areas of your marketing are upgraded.

You also get access to a weekly online helpdesk call where you can get unlimited campaigns reviewed and questions answered by the founders of Basic Bananas!
This alone is valued at thousands of dollars and can save you a lot of waste money and energy and ultimately increase your return on investment.

You also have your own accountability coach who will be there to support you whenever you need to chat to someone.

Plus you get to tap into a powerful business community with members from all over the world, all successful in their own rights, with a whole array of different skills and business wisdom.

Yes, it’s fantastic to bring a team member, spouse or business partner, as you will both accelerate your growth together.

Want to make it an easy decision for you to bring a partner, so an additional person is only $1,500 to join the full program.
This applies to family, team members and business partners in the same company.

You will have more support at your fingertips than you will ever need.

Every week you have access to an online Helpdesk call where you can get your campaigns reviewed and questions answered by the founders of Basic Bananas.

You will also have 24/7 access to a private online business mastermind group with all Basic Bananas members and our very own team of marketing experts supporting each other, exchanging ideas and brainstorming campaigns.

All members have access to a wealth of information, templates, lessons, how-to-videos and insights in a members only private online library.

And of course, you can also always pick up the phone and talk to one of our clever team members. You will also have an assigned team member to look after you, so you will always have a direct point of contact.

That’s fine, we don’t expect every member to be on them weekly, all helpdesk sessions are recorded. The more you implement the strategies learnt in the program the more customers you will attract and at times you will be busy making money or sitting on an island sipping cocktails while the business is making money, those are all great excuses!

Yes, as a member you have access to a wealth of information, templates, lessons, how-to-videos and insights on a private members only website.

Perfect, as a member simply send it in to be covered at helpdesk, raise it in the private mastermind group or give us a call! We are always happy to help out! See us as your extended marketing team!

Yes, we can and will advise you on growing your team whether it’s with Virtual assistance (VA), contractors or in house team members.
As you grow, you need to be able to handle the increase workload and a VA can be a fantastic way to grow your team.
Part of our content is all about outsourcing to be able to scale up your business as things grow.

To make an overnight success it takes … well … a bit more than one night.
It takes time to roll out sustainable marketing strategies and requires continual improvement.
Our goal is to make a huge difference for your business, not just to give you a spike in sales.
We assist you to roll out different campaigns every month over the 12 months, so that you will be a self-sufficient marketing ninja by the end of the program.

Some of our members never want to leave the family so for the ones who would love to continue working with us and keep the momentum and growth going, you can join our Genius Bunch program. This is where you are able to consolidate what you’ve learnt in the Clever Bunch, re-attend any Clever Bunch sessions you’d like to, and have a full day of implementation and business growth strategies each quarter.

The first step is to book in for a Clever Bunch assessment call to help you assess whether The Clever Bunch is a good fit for you. To book in email info@basicbananas.com or call xxxxxx

We actually have quite an even split across both B2B and B2C businesses.

Every business needs to attract a stream of customers to be able to scale which applies for both products and service-based businesses.

We have a whole team of incredible experts, all highly successful business owners themselves who are facilitating the sessions – Christo, Franziska, Shandra, Kevin and Daniel.

Franziska and Christo, our co-founders run 90% of the weekly Helpdesk calls, so you have their opinions and feedback available every week. Shandra, Kevin and Daniel are our incredible Clever Bunch facilitators you will absolutely love.

Some of our most successful members are not technical at all, sometimes that can be an advantage, because you just outsource the nitty gritty. The one thing we recommend not outsourcing is strategy! As a business owner you have to understand your marketing strategy.

Yes, each week Franziska or Christo run a live webinar- the Helpdesk Q&A (it’s like an online live workshop), where you can ask any questions and get specific unlimited feedback from them!

You got it! Yes, you will get access to members’ pricing at our sister company The Business Hood, which is a high-level branding agency that has built many prestigious brands.

You can contact the business hood directly on studio@basicbananas.com
or call them directly on 02 8417 8017

There are no extra fixed costs during the program and there are two ways to go about marketing your company which we will both advise you on:
You use strategies that are free but more time-intensive.
You use strategies that cost money and often accelerate your results even faster.

They are both great! We will assist and advise you depending on what’s affordable for you.

We do however recommend having a website and database management system which again we will recommend different options for you to suit your budget.

You don’t have to have a website, but we do recommend getting one to have an online presence. However if you are just about to get a new website, it’s best to start the program first, so we can support you as you have it built to make sure it is functional.

You will definitely want to have your new website launched by month 4 of the program as you will be building your marketing and sales funnels integrated with your website to generate leads.

If you need help with getting a new website, you get access to members pricing with our branding agency The Business Hood.
To speak to our creative lead, email Julia on studio@basicbananas.com or call 02 8417 8017.

You don’t need to have anything in place, we will advise you with the best options for your needs and situation.

No, but we highly recommend using one, we will advise you with the best option for your needs and hold your hand (if you need hand holding) to get familiar with it. Oh plus you get access to our very own email marketing templates already set up and ready to go (this is for members only).

First things first, do a happy dance!

You will receive a welcome pack with all the important details to get the most out of the program. Plus you will gain immediate access to our members’ website, the weekly Helpdesk calls and the online community, so you can get started immediately.

Your relationship rockstar will schedule a Clever Bunch welcome call to make sure you get everything plus more out of your membership.

Great question!
Even though we do have a screening process to make sure we’re working with businesses who will get results, it is still up to the business owner to implement the strategies learnt.

The strategies you learn are proven, so we know they work, so it really comes down to self-motivation whether someone succeeds hugely or not at all. If you follow the program and recommendations, you will be a success story!

People who are not motivated to make changes and apply the principles learnt, won’t grow. There is no magic pill.

Amazing! That’s a great base to start from! One reason why you will love being in The Clever Bunch is that you get cutting edge strategies that work in today’s economy. The world is changing so fast and it can be quite hard to stay current! It is our job here at Basic Bananas to stay at the forefront of what’s happening when it comes to marketing and technology.

So yes, if you already know a lot of stuff, you are still welcome in The Clever Bunch, however if you are a ‘know it all’, then we might have to decline:-).


We’re already up 20% and
our base sales are 6 figures
a month

“These guys know their stuff. After only 2 months of implementing we’re already up 20% and our base sales are 6 figures per month, so it’s a significant amount.”

Aaron Griffiths, KG Training
and Assessing


“Thank you so much Franziska, Christo & all the bananas crew! After last week’s session on funnels, I have already implemented a couple of changes to my opt-in funnel which has dramatically increased my conversion rate and increased our database by over 800 in only 2 months & now majorly increased our conversion rate. You guys are legends and certainly deliver on your promise! This is only the start of doubling my business in 12 months! I knew I made a great decision by trusting you guys. Thank you, thank you thank you!”

Nicole Fleet

all this done by
implementing what we
learned at basic bananas

“It’s a collection of really clever people. We started Clever Bunch with 2 staff and $150k revenue. Now we have 10 staff, 6 hoists, 2 workshops and $1.3M revenue and climbing. All this done by implementing what we learned at Basic Bananas.”

Dannie Lyman GDL Automotive Group

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Focus on stuff
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Learn something new
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Celebrate your achievements,
no matter how small or big


A generous mind is
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Live vivaciously


Make a difference and create a ripple effect of brilliance everywhere you go


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