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  • Are you a small business owner looking to grow your business?
  • Would you love a clear plan outlining exactly what to focus on to
    generate more income?
  • Would you like to be connected to a support network of like-minded,
    motivated and successful business owners?

The Clever Bunch is a step-by-step marketing program
assisting business owners to grow their businesses
through smart marketing that works

As you know, marketing is the single most important skill you need, to grow your business, generate a constant flow of customers and increase your sales.
Unfortunately most business owners have a very unorganised approach to growing their businesses or don’t focus on marketing at all, leaving a lot of money on the table (leaving their competitors smiling!).

The Clever Bunch will guide you through the myriad of marketing strategies to find what’s most effective and bring an end to scattered marketing.

This program follows a step-by-step system to help you grow your business It is based on principles and strategies that have worked for thousands of businesses. The goal throughout this program is to show you the path of least resistance and empower you with the knowledge to market your business successfully, saving you time and money.

How does the Clever Bunch work?

This program is built on key elements that have contributed to the success of thousands of businesses.

Monthly Live Clever Bunch Sessions to Work on Your Business in a Systematic Way

Your success becomes a habit as you get together with other successful, like-minded business owners every month. During each half-day session of learning marketing strategies and brainstorming ideas, you’ll focus on implementing the best growth strategies for YOUR business.


As part of a tight-knit group of no more than fifteen business owners in the same room with you, you’ll enjoy maximum support and real-time interaction, so you get the attention you deserve!

Access to Proven Marketing
Resources and Expertise

With instant access to a wealth of marketing experience right at your fingertips, you’ll get answers to virtually any marketing question on the spot, even the ones you haven’t asked yet! Sometimes the smallest tweak can have the biggest impact on your results.

Weekly Live
Online Classes

Join us for weekly online sessions from the comfort of your home or office so we can answer your questions, review your marketing campaigns and keep you moving in the right direction.


Research shows that accountability is one of the fastest routes to achieving your goals! In the Clever Bunch you are being held accountable by our Relationship Rockstars to ensure you keep progressing every day. You are not alone in this game!


With The Clever Bunch, you will be connected to a community of smart business owners from various industries and cities to help you brainstorm, connect and come up with the business and marketing solutions to propel you forward.

Access to Our Branding
Agency The Business Hood

Take charge of how others view your brand and become the obvious choice for your market. Let our branding agency The Business Hood take your brand to the next level at discounted members prices so you look great and get noticed.

The Clever Bunch program is available in…

USA and Cananda

Australia & New Zealand

Who is the Clever Bunch for?

The Clever Bunch is for business owners who…

have a product or service people want (and you know is good)
are looking to scale up their business
are open to doing things differently to achieve new results
are motivated, ambitious and growth-oriented
have been in business for 30 years or even just a few months and sell B to C, or B to B, this course is for you!
are awesome!

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level
book your 15 minute Clever Bunch assessment now!

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We believe in over-delivering and getting crazy results for our community.


Family Focus Legal

“We’ve grown a lot through the program and it has enable us to employ 3 new team members.”

Your Choices

“What I love so much about it is that we now really understand marketing and we know what works for us.”

KG Training and Assessing

“We’ve increased sales by 20% and we do 6 figures per month, so it’s a significant amount”

Energy Culture

“Using the Clever Bunch program, I was able to see what I can actually do to make my business worthwhile for me. We’re slowly growing our team and I’m looking forward to the next years in the business.”

The Fitting Room

“The people are great at Basic Bananas. I would recommend The Clever Bunch to small businesses who like a good system to follow and good support to help you grow together.”


Adrienne The Misses Bonney St Ives

“The Clever Bunch has broadened our horizons. I’ve learned so much in this year about how possible it is to get our name out there. Leveraging off this program we’ve been able to start a second business.”



“You follow the process and you see other people in the group who are further down the track and doing amazing things. It inspires you to keep working harder.”



“Our future is pretty bright. This year we’ve signed on distributors throughout Europe and Japan. And we’re just getting started.”


giving me the confidence to build our existing business and keep moving forward!

“In March last year when I started BB I wrote in my goals “Open another shop in 12 months”. Well I just achieved that goal a tad outside 12 months – Tomorrow we open The Designer Edit. Thank you for teaching me the skills and giving me the confidence to build our existing business and keep moving forward!”
Jennifer Berry, Misses Bonney StIves

This is only the start of doubling my business in 12 months!

“Thank you so much Franziska, Christo & all the bananas crew! After last week’s session on funnels, I have already implemented a couple of changes to my opt-in funnel which has dramatically increased my conversion rate and increased our database by over 800 in only 2 months & now majorly increased our conversion rate. You guys are legends and certainly deliver on your promise! This is only the start of doubling my business in 12 months! I knew I made a great decision by trusting you guys. Thank you, thank you thank you!”
Nicole Fleet, The Blu Tulip

I have had a fundamental shift in the way I have been looking at my business

“As a result of my last year spent with BB in the Clever Bunch, I have had a fundamental shift in the way I have been looking at my business and I see it now impacting my life in more ways than I had anticipated. My business is growing and that is a very important measurement, but myconfidence and enthusiasm in handling and organising new initiatives is so much greater. I have also been looking with new eyes at all businesses whether it is shop front design, tag lines, marketing efforts, etc and it has been quite a lot of fun, inspirational and educational all at once. Looking forward to my next year with all of you! “
Helen Morrow, Paddlecraft

We have broken another record these holidays.

“We have broken another record these holidays – last Thursday we had 76 kids!!!!!! That’s a huge leap from 40-50 and the average per day is up another 20-25% per day. Word is certainly getting out thanks to working with the Clever Bunch.“
Cathy Beddy of Cheeky Monkeys Playhouse

The application process


Contact Basic Bananas at cleverbunch@basicbananas.com or call 02 9913 7956 to book in for a fifteen minute business assessment.


Speak with one of our rockstar team members to ensure we’re a good fit for you and you are a good fit for us so we can really help you grow your business.


If we decide to work together, you get hooked into the community and start implementing smart marketing to attract more clients and increase your profits right away.


Smile and do a happy dance!

The investment

Clever Bunch
Express Option
Easy Option
10 x $1’390
Clever Bunch VIP
Express Option
(includes weekly accountability calls with your own personal coach)
Easy Option
10 x $2’100
*To qualify for the premium level, your business must turn-over at least $500k/year.

The back story…

Basic Bananas was founded in 2009 to support business owners to not only have a greater
understanding of marketing but also implementation to get fast results!

We have worked with thousands of business owners assisting them to grow their brand and
increase the sales of their products or services.

Our team brings the skills and experience of world-class marketers to the small business market.